Shabbir and Abbas were born in Peterborough, UK. Their inspiration was their mother and they performed nasheeds and latmiyat/nawhas regularly since the age of 2.

In 2004 the two brothers recorded their first album “Aaj bhi Shabbir (as) ko rota hai ye sara jahaan” with the encouragement of their friends and family. This album was the first of many. With the grace of Allah (SWT), they hope to continue this mission for as long as they live.

Since 2007, they have been solely writing, composing and arranging melodies and lyrics for their own tracks. With the help of their younger sister, Zainab, they also arrange and conceive ideas as well as provide backing vocals to their own tracks. They have been invited all over the world to recite as they try to spread their message far and wide.

In August 2010 Sahar TV (Iranian National Television) approached them to work on a long-term project. The aim of the project was to produce 60 tracks in English to be aired onto the station. Many tracks have been produced so far, and this project is still ongoing.

Currently they have just completed their debut nasheed album “You Are Not Alone,” which contains seven spiritually uplifting and thought-provoking tracks. The album contains a collaboration with the world famous Arabic nasheed artist, Abather Al-Halwachi. For further information go to the audio section or please contact us.

Considered seasoned recording artists in their own right, they now write lyrics and melodies for many other artists around the world as well as collaborating with some of them in a spectrum of languages ranging from English, Persian, Urdu and Arabic to Swahili and French. They continue to create and distribute their work around the world not only in a bid to spread their message and philosophy far and wide, but to also master their art. Having completed 11 studio albums and countless unattached singles, it must now feel like the interior of studio booth is a second home!

They have toured across 4 continents and dozens of countries having started travelling to perform since the age of 16.

As well as being recording artists, both brothers are keen footballers, playing for their respective local teams on a regular basis. Both brothers are currently working as full-time doctors, balancing the rigours of life on the front line of a busy hospital with the pressure that comes with recording and travelling.

Shabbir & Abbas Tejani