The Inspiration

When Hussain (as) placed his head in prostration and was struck on the neck, he might have physically been martyred but his legacy lives on eternally. He showed that love can defeat hate, righteousness can defeat might, eloquence can defeat hostility and faith can defeat desire. He stood alone and stared into the eyes of thirty thousand blood thirsty murderers and did not move away from his principles. This is a message to us that throughout our lives, no matter what tribulations or tests we face, our faith should be unflinching.

Today the name “Hussain” is more than a description of an individual personality; it is a beacon of hope for those in the dark midst of despair, it is a revolutionary movement, it is synonymous with the true essence of life.

We have found through our time within this medium, not many of our artists and reciters reach out to the global community, therefore we have made it our goal to do just that. It is not enough preaching about Hussain (as) to those who already know about Hussain (as), in order to make a true difference one must reach out to those who need to learn about Hussain (as) in order for them to draw lessons from His life and improve their own. We do this through the medium of eulogies/latmiyat.

Likewise, when it comes to the true nature of Islam, we find that the radicalised Muslims often have media attention and the general public tars all Muslims with the same brush. We intend to use our art in order to propagate the true message of Islam which is one of love, peace and tolerance.

It is only through the help of Allah (SWT) and the A’immah (AS) that we are able to continue serving in this noble path. We are blessed to have an extremely supportive family who have helped us every step of the way. Their support and sacrifices have allowed us to balance both our work and personal lives alongside serving in spreading the message of the Ahlul Bayt (AS). We are extremely grateful to them and we know that Allah (SWT) will reward them amply.